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Why I started K. Yeppuda

Let's talk a little bit about the Korean culture, and how it has led up to this k-beauty phenomenon first.

If you've never been to South Korea, Seoul specifically, it is an incredibly fast-paced and technologically advanced country - with the fastest internet I have ever seen. Seoul has nearly 10 million people, and everyone there has big dreams and they work very hard to remain competitive. The country has their own prestigious schools (SKY), that many students study very hard for, and the hierarchy structure in the work place is cut-throat.

Part of that hard work mentality is ingrained as a child. Not only is education a very important part of the culture, but so are appearances and first impressions. They believe that if you don't look your best, then someone else would take that coveted position that you were so desperately hunting for. There is a reason why plastic surgery is the number one in the world.

Young girls (and boys) are taught about skin care at a very early age. Learning the regimens that work best for their skin and how to prevent wrinkles, and sunspots, and dullness from even before it occurs. By the time a woman is in her 30's, nearly 50% of them would have had something done. In fact, many would get their first cosmetic surgery as a graduation gift from high school. They don't view it as being unhappy with their looks, they see it as a step ahead of others for the promotion or job they hope to gain in the future.

This makes South Korea a skin care paradise. Walking around Myeongdong, the streets are lined with bright lights and stores after stores selling beauty products right next to each other. It's hard to leave empty handed with staff standing outside with free samples to lure you in and prices and gifts that keep you coming back for more.

So what happens when I come back to the states, and I can't seem to find $1 masks anymore? Do I just give up on my skin? That's where K. Yeppuda came into play. I wanted to personally source the hottest k-beauty trends and make them easily accessible for others like me. I hope to continuously work hard to provide the freshest items at a competitive price. In order to do so, I'll be only shipping to the U.S. for the time being but hope to expand in the future. Please stay tuned, your support means a lot to me.